The Tax World Gets Flat & Happy Jack Anderson, 05.23.05 -- Forbes
  • The [Tax] Misery* score is the sum of the taxes shown [on the image to the right], at the highest marginal rate in each locale. It is our best proxy for evaluating whether policy attracts or repels capital and talent
  • Tax Misery by country chart Original source Mahalanobis.
  • E-democracy "Building online public space in the heart of real democracy and community since 1994." > Groupserver "best social software platform we've seen to date for online communities that average citizens actually use" (Britsh)
  • Free Press.net > National conference for Media Reform (may 15, 2005, Program Archives...)
  • Media Minutes is a weekly radio review (~5 min) of news at the intersection of media and democracy from the FreePress.net every Friday
  • Public radio -- xml feeds
  • Posner... on estate taxation
Judical review...


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