Objectives of a Health Care system (HCS)
  1. Universal "critical" treatment -- There are a number of deseases/treatments that we, as a society do not want to have un-treated, either because not treating them is not compasient or because not treating them will probably harm society. The HCS should ensure that these are treated.
  2. Take advantage of Market for Pricing and Selection -- The Free Enterprise market is effective at ensuring that the cost of services is related to their benefits and thus any HSC system should allow the Market to encurrage people to reduce their "over utilization" of the system by charging them for the services and rewarding them for choosing the more inexpensive ways of getting the service that they need. Conversely the market shoulld be used to encurrage the service delivorers to be economical in their practice while also permitting them to offer a verity of services and convieniences as their end customers will pay for them.
  3. Encurage preventive care and healthy behavior --
  4. Information Technology application -- Computers, the Internet, etc. probably can be effectively used to reduce the costs, medical errors, and increase the job satisfaction by, say: 10%. The HCS system should have a program for a reasonably funded prject to develop the 'best of class medical IT techniques, an environment for profitizing their use, and ensuring that the barriors to their implication are eliminated.



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