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home prices seem to be reasonably constant from 1945 till about 5 years ago (as compared to CPI, etc)



Old posters at the George Town Book store. They generally sell for about $25.00 but small jpeg versions are available on the site for your amusement.

Mahalanobis -- The incomes of the top 3% are distributed according to Pareto's law, (20/80 law) where as the lowest 97% are distributed according to the distribution of energy in gas, e.g. Boltzmann-Gibbs. (Original article, New Scientist) -- I think that this means 2 things:
  • There is a difference between the way income is distributed amoung the rich and the poor, at somewhere around the 3% point. e.g. Adjusted Gross income of ~ $100,000
  • The poor's income is distributed randomly e.g. as though in any interchange where as the rich'd income is distributed as though in an interchange the richer one was the more benefit one got from the interchange.
H.R. 1133: To advance and strengthen democracy globally through peaceful means ...
  • It calls for the creation of an Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs to monitor and nudge (my legislative term) democracy and also for a special assistant to the President who'll watch over this.
  • It calls for annual reports on the state of democracy in the world. It creates an internet site devoted to spreading the word. --
  • Also of interest is the definition of undemocratic
Framing vs. Fencing: A post-Lakoff analysis -- Daily Kos Mar 10, 2005

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