The government is not working

Often I say, and hear "The Government is not Working" and was challenged at to what I meant and how to improve it.

The easy definition, with I will reject, is that "The Government is not doing what I want it to do". This Subjective definition just leads to saying that one doesn't like the results, in general does not like some specific action.

The definition that I'd like to explore is based on the assumption that America is supposed to be a Representative Democracy, and thus that "The Government is Enacting, or Not, laws that a large majority prefers". This definition is closer to an Objective one that might be tested and perhaps improved by changing the system in a non-ideological way rather working within a "broken" system.

  • Evidence


  • Proposal
  • Any candidate, President, Congress person, commit to supporting any bill that polls over 67% support or to opposing any bill that polls under 33% in a properly defined poll.

The poll would have to be
  1. Directly funded by the bills supporters or opposors, and be
  2. Sufficiently deep, say 5,000 respondents.
  3. Responsibly accurate, say only 3% Non Americans, etc???
  4. Reasonably thoughtful, say delayed 60 days after it is announced to give the respondents a chance to become educated on its proposal.




Rational, Natural

The terms "Rational" and {Super}Natural have been brought up in a discussion, and I realize that often there are diferent understandings.

Rational == Logical and Verifiable
  • Logical = There are a set of understood first principals, e.g. Axioms that are, at least for discussion assumed. and then conclusions are derived from them by applying standard FORMAL logic, Math, etc.

  • Verifiable = The conclusions are clear enough so that they lead to predictions of the state of the observable world that can either be the basis of experiments or general obervations that are either fulfilled, i.e. or not, i.e. falsiable, and if the conclusions are not "true" then the original Axioms or derivations must be abandomed or adjusted.
Note: A good Scientiest/Rationalist should attampt to
derive conclusions that are improbable so that
they are probably false rather than ones that
are probable, e.g. they should try to DISPROVE
their "Rational" theory rather than to support it.

Supernational == ???



iPhone world factbook, atlas

iPhone world factbook, atlas