Health bill, Supreme Court

 Health bill, Supreme court

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SCOTUSblog: Our health care resource page, including briefs and documents, argument previews ..

(American Progress)

SCOTUS Preview Part I:     What The Heck Is The Tax Anti-Injunction Act?
SCOTUS Preview Part II:   Clement’s Misleading Brief, By Ian Millhiser on Mar 23, 2012
 SCOTUS Preview Part III: The Perils Of Overreach
SCOTUS Preview Part IV:   The Big Scary 
Romney Celebrates Health Care Reform Anniversary By Lying About It
  1. It’s more like double that (a trillion dollars) …Obamacare is massively more expensive than had been originally estimated.”
  2. Thirty percent of employers said they are going to drop the coverage for their employees when Obamacare is installed.” 
  3. The Catholic Church is being told that they have to provide insurance that covers morning after pills, sterilizations, and contraceptives. Despite the fact that these very features violate the conscience of the Catholic Church itself. 

The Multimillionaire Helping Republicans Win N.C. (NPR summary)


George Washington University School of Business March 2012

The Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis Origins and Mission of the Federal Reserve, (Videos)

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March 20, 2011

 March 20, 2011

10 Ways to Visualize How Americans Spend Money on Health Care - Derek Thompson - Business - The Atlantic

Does the American Dream Exist Only in Europe? -- Perhaps. But if you think America’s class system is as rigid as Europe’s, then you don’t know an old-fashioned social hierarchy when you see one.

The Twilight of Retirement's Golden Age -- Chart of the Week, March 20, 2012

The Most Conservative Congress Ever Recorded --  Republicans are both beholden to the 1 percent and responsible for the hyper-polarization of Congress. A new study by Poole has found that Republicans have moved so far to the right that the House is now the most conservative it has even been in the last 133 years

Teaching Abstinence Works Better Than Sex Ed, Feb 2, 2010
  • 1/2 -- Just under half of the students in the study who received sex-education classes that included information about contraceptives went on to have sex in the next two years. 
  • 1/3 -- But only one out of three students in the study who received abstinence-only education did.
"MIT OpenCourseWare is developing a set of courses called Scholar, which are designed for self-learners. We recently published 6.00 (or Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in normal speak). There are lecture videos, recitation videos, handouts, slides, code files, homework assignments (with sample solutions), and even an explanation on how to set up Python on your computer.

The Origin of Modern Republican Fiscal Policy, By BRUCE BARTLETT


Political Polarization ... voteview blog

  • The national government is strongly Ideologically Polarized, and by Party Polarization. This segregation seems to have been increasing, at least amount our government officials and perhaps even among our population.

VoteView.com /Blog

Media and Polarization, (56p) Nov 16, 2010 , Filipe Campante, Harvard Kennedy School
  • This paper provides an economic framework to explain the impact of the media on political polarization.
Who Fits the Left-Right Divide? Partisan Polarization in the American Electorate, Edward G. Carmines (See:)


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