Health bill, Supreme Court

 Health bill, Supreme court

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SCOTUSblog: Our health care resource page, including briefs and documents, argument previews ..

(American Progress)

SCOTUS Preview Part I:     What The Heck Is The Tax Anti-Injunction Act?
SCOTUS Preview Part II:   Clement’s Misleading Brief, By Ian Millhiser on Mar 23, 2012
 SCOTUS Preview Part III: The Perils Of Overreach
SCOTUS Preview Part IV:   The Big Scary 
Romney Celebrates Health Care Reform Anniversary By Lying About It
  1. It’s more like double that (a trillion dollars) …Obamacare is massively more expensive than had been originally estimated.”
  2. Thirty percent of employers said they are going to drop the coverage for their employees when Obamacare is installed.” 
  3. The Catholic Church is being told that they have to provide insurance that covers morning after pills, sterilizations, and contraceptives. Despite the fact that these very features violate the conscience of the Catholic Church itself. 

The Multimillionaire Helping Republicans Win N.C. (NPR summary)


George Washington University School of Business March 2012

The Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis Origins and Mission of the Federal Reserve, (Videos)

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