National Sunshine

Promote national sunshine (Preliminary) 0.1

Resolved: Until all Bills, Amendments, and Laws are posted days before they are discussed, voted on, or signed, I will contribute $4.00 a month to the opposition.

Background: The current national administration and representatives had committed that they would not take action on laws until they were posted 2-5 days on the internet. This commitment has been violated. This is important is it gives "We the People" a chance to understand the details of these potential laws and comment on them to our representative BEFORE they become law. Obviously not all bills will be read and understood by each of us, but the Internet allows them to be analyzed by the internet crowd and thus giving us a chance to see the implications of these bills.

Action: In order to give us this power, each Bill, Amendment, and Law must be available in FINAL form, on the internet, early enough so that it can be analyzed. I would prefer that they be available 7 days before they are officially discussed, voted on, or signed, thought the administration has proposed 2-5 days. Since they committed to post the bills and have not, I will contribute $1.00 to the opposition of the President and each of my Representatives, $4.00 in all, each month until there is a BINDING rule and the rule is followed. I suggest that others also follow this policy to show how important we feel it is that we can see what is being passed in our name soon enough that can have some effect on the laws.

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