Purpose, and Clay Shirky

The WeMatter.com web site: http://www.WeMatter.com is to be a hub, portal site to coordinate peoples interaction with our government. Its purpose is to allow people to

1) view recent news and issues that they consider important
2) find out more information, pro, con... on these issues
3) contribute their own opinions, facts, suggestions
4) determine how to coordinate their "influence" in pushing their position relative to their issues,

As this time the site is very thin, but I hope to see if it can be filled out enough to be useful in a few years. This blog is currently a container for thoughts and links that are related to this effort. e.g.

A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy by Clay Shirky -- a pattern I've seen over and over again in social software that supports large and long-lived groups, ... what I now think is one of the core challenges for designing large-scale social software

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