I have put "my" proposal for an "centerist" Iraq Turnover plan in Gillmor's Blog. It proposes:
  1. Stay thru the end of this year, 2005
  2. Train and equip about 20,000 Iraq troops/month (withdraw 1:2 of our troops)
  3. Withdraw as the Iraq provines determine (and perhaps faster)
  4. Commit to TOTAL withdrawal, and contract re-negotiation
  5. Pay about $2 b/month until we are withdrawn for reconstruction
  • Oil revenues allocated per person (e.g. see: Instapundit on WSJ editorial)
  • Contracts terms limited to allow future modifications
I suggest that this proposal is not a "Cut and Run", but a plan for turning over the responsibility for protecting Iraq to its government and people as they determine and assisted by us, and perhaps as they are starting to request.

Also see:
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    Activist judge = Overturns laws (as pointed out before many definitons of activism are not objective and depend on the "after" the fact defininition of the commenter)

    Libertarian judge by James Ostrowski -- would tend to favor:
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    4. An able, agile, lucid mind
    5. Appropriate professional educational background or training
    6. The ability to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing, and especially the latter
    7. Resolute fair-mindedness
    8. A solid understanding of the proper judicial role of judges under our Constitution
    9. Ascertainable good health.