Alito decisions

What the Alito Nomination Means for Constitutional Law
(Balkinization) (FindLaw) (TmpCage) (Wikipedia)
Activist judge = Overturns laws (as pointed out before many definitons of activism are not objective and depend on the "after" the fact defininition of the commenter)

Libertarian judge by James Ostrowski -- would tend to favor:
  1. The individual in any conflict with the government.
  2. State governments over the federal government.
  3. The legislature over the executive at any level of government.

University of Michigan data
Why the Senate Should Confirm Judge Alito: By SCOTT GERBER (FindLaw)

Factors to consider when making a merit-based evaluation of a candidate
  1. Demonstrated judicial temperament
  2. Professional expertise and competence
  3. Absolute personal as well as professional integrity
  4. An able, agile, lucid mind
  5. Appropriate professional educational background or training
  6. The ability to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing, and especially the latter
  7. Resolute fair-mindedness
  8. A solid understanding of the proper judicial role of judges under our Constitution
  9. Ascertainable good health.



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