There may be some problems with traffic in the Down Town North area of Palo Alto, or other areas. If you want to report such problems, please follow this with a comment of the problem, and if you want, it's location, time, and a metric to used to measure the problem.

Note, there is an area for more general comments on the DTN Traffic plan



Palo Alto is considering installing "Fiber To The Home" in the City Council meeting of July 19, 2004. There are a number of Pro's and Con's.

Links to the various sites are contained on the DTNNA/FTTH page

For those of us who feel that this would be good, it might help if we showed the city a commitment to fund the connection before the meeting.

Marvin and Alison Lee are collecting peoples names who are interested in this project and might commit to subscribing, or other possible ways of proceeding see: DTNNA/FTTH#commit



The Supreme court decided 80 cases in 2003-2004, I have generate a page with these listed, short descriptions, and a link to the previous Cato book that will porobably be updated later this year. This Blog entry is available for comments on this list, and if there is interest, specific comment areas will be added for specific cases.