Memorandum Of Understanding On Judicial Nominations (RedState.org)
  • but Frist hangs tough on 'nuclear' (The Hill)
  • The group of 14 (CNN)
    • Democrats
      1. Robert Byrd (West Virginia)
      2. Daniel Inouye (Hawaii)
      3. Mary Landrieu (Louisiana)
      4. Joseph Lieberman (Connecticut)
      5. Ben Nelson (Nebraska)
      6. Mark Pryor (Arkansas)
      7. Ken Salazar (Colorado)
      1. Lincoln Chafee (Rhode Island)
      2. Susan Collins (Maine)
      3. Mike DeWine (Ohio)
      4. Lindsey Graham (South Carolina)
      5. John McCain (Arizona)
      6. Olympia Snowe (Maine)
      7. John Warner (Virginia)
Sequence of events?
  1. Vote on, and in general confirm:
    Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla R. Owen, William H. Pryor, Jr., "FS", William G. Myers III, Henry Saad, Terrence W. Boyle, Richard Allen Griffin, William Haynes, Brett M. Kavanaugh.
  2. Sometime the President proposes a Judge (perhaps for the Suprime Court) who a sufficient number of the "Group" Democrats wish to filibuster. (Note: this might occur after the first 3 of the preceeding judges are confirmed.
  3. Either a sufficient number of the "Group" Republicans
  • a) decide that this is not an extraordinary circumstance, and thus vote to overturn the filibuster rule, or they
  • b) decide that the commitment to retain the filibuster rule is to be maintained and thus they vote to retain the filibuster rule.
If "a)" then the memo is a "winner" for the Republicans as they got the first 3 approved before there was a test of the filibuster rule. if "b)" then the memo is a compromise, the Republicans get the first 3 approved in return for ensuring that the Filibuster rule is retained thry 2006

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