In discussing politics there are a number of words/phrases that are used differently by various people. The following is my attempt to define/discuss some of these.
  • Position classification
      1. Universial -- If 90% of the population supports it.
      2. Consensious -- If 66% of the population supports it.
      3. Majority -- If 50% supports.
      4. Extreme -- If 10% of the population supports it.
    • Bipartisan -- A position that is supported by at least 33% (or 10%) of both parties. Note: Given that there are often a few people of each party who might support any position, I would reserve this to one that is supported by a significant percent of each party.
      • Partisan -- Reverse -- A position that is supported by at least 66% of one party and opposed by 66% of the other party
    • Flag phrase -- A phrase that indicates the positon of the speaker. Often the same issue can be refered to by different phrases depending on which side of the issue one is on. Various people have indicated that the "framing" of the issue may also help to convince the un-decided the valdity of a specific side.
    • Toxic Terminology also Black Hole issue -- A word, phrase, etc. that is so emotional that it prevents any further discussion, e.g. Hitler, Partial birth abortion, etc.
    • Wedge Issue (used by Democrats), Moral Issue or Faith based issue (used by Republicans) -- An issue that is emotionally very important to a small group within the population but has little direct effect on most people's lives.
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