NotePad V5

(NOTE: I mispelled it as NotePad, and except in the "title"s have corrected it to NoteTab, Sorry, My Bad)

I like NoteTab, and as it has been over a year and a half since it has been upgraded, I am starting this Blog entry to allow the status of the upgrade to be posted and, if appropriate, Feature enhancements to be suggested.

My post to the mailing list asked for an update on the current status and suggested that we offer to help pay for a new version with specific features. Please feel free to add your suggestions to this Blog, or to NoteTab yahoo group. I will update this posting as I get more information or if it seems "reasonable" to start collecting a list of the Feature requests

  • Customizable syntax highlighting -- ron_riche
  • Tree view outlines -- ron_riche
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts -- ron_riche
  • Shortcuts to clips -- ron_riche
  • Blocking/columnar selecting -- ron_riche
  • Make line numbers paragraph numbers when word wrap
    is on -- ron_riche [pet]
  • Make 'scroll past end of line' buffer dependent -- ron_riche [pet]
  • $10 -- Allow the Replacement window to be "hidden" by the Main window -- mll
  • $10 -- Click on a blank area in the tabs bar to open a new text area NoName... -- mll
  • $10 -- Retain the "Regular Expression" and "All" setting in the replacement dialog between activations -- mll

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd suggest looking at InSight as an enhancement to NoteTab.

11:34 AM  
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