Implement the 911 service by VoIp software/Hardware?

If one is "building" a VoIp system, is it possible, LEGAL?, to set it up so that the user could initally enter their current zipcode/areacode and then have the hardware/software that they are using intercept the 911 dial and re-direct it to the proper 911 system.

It seems to me that this might not require much on the part of the supporting DSL/CABLE system, but could be reasonably easly implemented by the VoIp software/hardware.



Blogger Tweedledopey said...

The problem arises that it is not so user friendly to do so. Furthermore, lets say you travel to a city and are at a conference, when all of the sudden, Doctor Shmoe next to you has a heart attack. Now, you'd have had to have entered the cities Zip Code into the computer. Sure, you could have figured that out, but who wants to?

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