Government (and federal) employment

[G]overnment employment is down under Obama. here’s what has happened to government employment per capita: (Krugman 9/9/2012)

Exploding Government: total and federal government employment per capita over time 1990-2012; federal employment is a small part of the picture and per capita is at a historic low; there are blips every 10 years for the census; and overall government employment has fallen in an unprecedented way under Obama.  (Krugman 09/11/2011)

     Total Government Employment Since 1962, But Federal government has gone up 
         Year     Executive   Military Legislative ...     Total Federal personnel (thousands)
         1962          2,485     2,840             30        5,354 

         2010          2,776     1,602             64        4,443 (Includes temps for the decennial census)

      Executive Branch Civilian Employment Since 1940


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