The funding for PBS is proposed to be decreased from $400m to $300, and the president of PBS is suspected as a strong conservative.

If PBS continues to be funded, even 25% by the Federal government, then it will be open for funding cuts and changes in objectives, so I propose that the viewers take over the portion of the funding that the government is now supplying and the management, and thus its direction be determined by its funding viewers.

    First: I propose to give money to PBS under an UnMatching condition, e.g. for every dollar I contribute, I will require that PBS cut their government funding by half a dollar. In this way they will have an increase in their funding while still removing their dependance on the government.

    Second: I propose that PBS management be elected by their members. either by one person one vote, or by one dollar one vote (excluding coprorate advertisers).

In this way as the viewers can control the direction of PBS as their support increases relative to government funding.



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