The Palo Alto city council is considering extending the term limits of its members from 2 terms to 3. As I have been thinking about the problem of incumbency, I am opening this Blog entry to discuss the Palo Alto Term Limit proposal, and perhaps my own proposal for "gentle" limits:

My initial proposal is that there be no hard term limits but that it be harder and harder for incumbents to keep their office as their vote would be decreased by "N"*5% if they had served for "N" terms. Thus, for example, a person who had already served for 2 terms would have to get 10% more vote than his rivals to stay in office a third term.

See: Palo Alto Weekly on term limits
2003 City Council results

Comments, and previous proposals and links can be added as desired, and if I see any links that are related to this subject I may add them to this Blog entry.

Unrelated, but interesting:


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