ETEXT (political) Archives were founded in the Summer of 1992 in response to the lack of organized archiving of political documents, periodicals and discussions disseminated via Usenet on newsgroups such as alt.activism, misc.activism.progressive, and alt.society.anarchy. The alt.politics.radical-left group came later.

Eyes, Opening Up the Russian Doll, part2 -- The eye has always had a special place in the study of evolution,

Good news for creationists Ha!! -- Since the front door of the scientific establishment is clearly open to you, as demonstrated by the eventual acceptance of the Pangaea hypothesis,- you have no excuse for trying to sneak in the back door, by using political pressure to insert your views into science textbooks.

Liberal affars, debate club (archive) brings together a pair of experts to discuss a pressing legal question. In daily exchanges, they develop arguments, test ideas, and shape opinions.


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