The proposed Bush Budget for 2006 is being released. $427B debt est. As time passes, there will be a number of comments on it. I hope that there is a discussion of it. My proposal is to have a fully functional Forum and Poll area that allows the development of both a Lean budget and a Fully Funded budget. (overview) (Tables)

Off budget items
  • Costs of War
  • Change in Alternate Minimum Tax?
  • Effect of making tax cuts permanent
  • Effect of modifying Social Security
  • Effect of tax "simplification"

. 1) The "Lean" budget would be a small as the Bush budget, but decrease some of the expenses and increase others to fund the programs that are better funded.

. 2) The "Fully Funded" budget would have the same debit as the Bush budget, but in addition to different funding of various programs it would also permit elimination of some of the tax give-backs to provide more money.




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