(Democratic/Liberal, Republican/Conservative) Political Myth = A statement that is believed by a preponderance (75% or more) of one group that is provably wrong.

Note: If the statement is not provable wrong then it is not a true "Political Myth" but just a difference of opinion between groups.

. e.g. (I think)

Republican myth -- All of the newspaper recounts of the 2000 election lead to a Bush victory.

Democratic myth -- Bush "often" lies (not "only" misleads) -- for example I personally believe that many democrats believe that Bush lied about W.M.D.'s but as far as I can tell all of his statements were of the form of the 16 words, misleading perhaps? but not lies.

Thoughts? or other Political Myths?


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P.S. here is Truth or Fiction's ... and Snoops's set of Urban Myths having to do with politics

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