Just ran across a set of sites that discussed economics and am using theis entry to maintain them for future view:

Initial site ...
. http://mahalanobis.twoday.net/

How well do you know things that you don't really know?
If you think that's a silly question, then this quiz is for you.
. http://roughly.beasts.org/

The aim of this activity is to tell you something about your moral intuitions. It was first developed for the games and activities section of The Philosophers' Magazine web site
. http://www.philosophersmag.com/bw/games/taboo.htm

The Woolly-Thinker's Guide to Rhetoric -- Here you'll find top tips for besting your enemies. As employed by the world's best woolly-thinkers. Learn, for example: how to play the 'biological reductionist' card to maximum effect;
. http://www.butterfliesandwheels.com/rhetoric.php

Neocon quiz Are you a neoconservative? Take this quiz to find out.
. http://www.csmonitor.com/specials/neocon/quiz/neoconQuiz.html


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