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July 2012 Sites

Sept. 30 -- GOP tries to avert shutdown showdown, continuing resolution needed
Dec. 31 --  Fiscal cliff: major tax cuts expire and $1.2 trillion in spending cuts to go into effect.
----------- Geithner has said he estimates that U.S. borrowing could hit the debt ceiling by the end of 2012

SOME American states receive more in federal spending than they pay in federal taxes... (Economist)
Government Spending and the Economy (11% grew the GDP) By BRUCE BARTLETT
Bubbles and Bailouts: Why Some Economists Failed (FT, Financial Times)
What Everyone Should Know About The DISCLOSE Act Of 2012

S&P changes 1871 - 2010
CPI change 1871- 2010 (Linear with changes time events)

    These Top 10 iPhone Calendar Apps

    Health Care case   

    Online ACA symposium: A theory of the tax power that justifies – and may have informed – the Chief Justice’s analysis
    Video: SCOTUS ACA Health Care Decision Panel: U.C. Berkeley: July 2, 2012 10 AM (Transcript)
    Supreme Court Decision: What It Means and What's Ahead for Health Reform conference call

    Kaiser Health News – Health care webcast {Video 1 hr}
    ObamaCare Explained So Everyone Can Understand It (Political Irony)
    Is Obamacare The Biggest Tax Increase In History?,  [Chart],  [Tax Increases 1940 - 2012 {pdf}]

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