Monitory Policy, (Skepical Optimist)

    Money: The economy’s lubrication
  1. Money: The economy’s lubrication
  2. Two Printing Presses: One at the Fed, One at the Treasury
  3. How the Fed creates money without creating socialism
  4. How the US Treasury pays back the debt
  5. The public’s T-bond supply
  6. Paying down the debt: Our dubious history, and a startling conclusion

Articles on Economic "theories"

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        "Seriously, what would it take for you to change your mind?"
        • 1. For the left, If the Bush tax cuts benefitted only the rich, as you’ve been saying for nine years, why are you now saying that letting all the tax cuts expire will hurt the middle class? Which is it: Did the Bush tax cuts help the middle class, or didn’t they?  
        • 2. For the tea party, If you had a choice between a tax policy that would increase tax revenues by increasing the number of job creators and taxpayers, versus a policy that would decrease the total debt level by whatever means, which one would you favor? Would you settle for a debt level that is shrinking relative to the size of the economy (an expanding economy with a falling debt/GDP ratio), or would you insist on surpluses that reduced the total debt, regardless of the impact on jobs and job creation?   
        • 3. For everyone: Why do we hear so much about where and how to “cut” – but so little about where and how to “grow”?  
        • 4. For everyone: How about we redefine the term “balanced budget” as follows: A fiscal budget that causes, or at least coincides with, job creation and economic growth that exceeds debt growth, such that the ratio of debt to GDP is decreasing?


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