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There are a number of sites, (services) that allow one to get access to the applications for the iPhone/iTouch. This list started from the Winter 2010 issue of iPhoneLife magazine (Weekly Update Newsletter).

Apple Services
  • On iPhone, iPhoneLive app -- WEB Browser // Plus // Add to Home Screen (or Bookmarks)
  • On iPhone, iPhone genius -- App store, // Featured // Genius
  • Apps for Everything -- Once you discover the App Store, you’ll see how applications can make your iPhone do just about anything.
Web Sites
  • MacWorld Application Reviews: iPod touch & iPhone app reviews from our editors—and you!
  • Apptism -- Check out the current Top Paid iPhone Apps and Top Free iPhone Apps!
  • AppReview -- There are 123,438 total applications available from the Apple Store. AppReview has reviewed 37,633 (as of 12/22/2009).
  • 148 Apps -- In addition to the reviews and news, we keep track of what’s selling, what’s new and what prices are dropping in the iTunes App Store.
  • App Space -- an intelligent recommendation engine designed to find the apps relevant to you.
  • App Classics -- From the front page users can see the top app classics across all categories, or search deeper into individual categories through the drop down menu.
  • Info World -- interactive catalog of iPhone apps designed for businesses, professionals, and IT staff
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