Google has been requested, and is resisting, provinding searches and ip addresses to the Justice departments. The original subpoena, originally signed on August 25, 2005
  1. Court Documents & Summary Of US Versus Google Over Search Data (Search Engine Watch)

    1. United States vs. Google Jan 18, 2006 (pdf)

    2. Declaration Of Joel McElvain -- a declaration by Government attorney, the lead attorney for the U.S. DOJ in this matter. It also helps produce a timeline of events to this point, Jan 18, 2006 (pdf)

    3. Declaration Of Philip B Stark -- a declaration by the person to work on the project, a Professor of Statistics at the University of California, Berkeley. (pdf)

  2. DOJ "justificatin" for Google subpenia, Friday, Feb 24, 2004 (Yahoo/AP)
  3. In Case About Google's Secrets, Yours Are Safe, Jan 26, 2004 (NYT)
  4. Google is working with a US intelligence agency to provide much more detailed information on its search engine users than that being requested by the Justice Department.
  5. Would You Like Those Alphabetically? Google v. the U.S. Government (techliberation)
  6. Google Resists U.S. Subpoena of Search Data (NYT)
  7. FAQ on what does the Google subpoenia mean? (News.com) -- "The Child Online Protection Act makes it a crime for a commercial Web site to post material that some jurors might find "harmful" if a minor stumbled across it."
  8. What Do the Feds Really Want From Google? (Gipe2ed) -- Well, the U.S. Supreme Court for one, which in 2004 barred enforcement of COPA because, while the law was having no noticeable impact on child pornography, it was clearly demonstrating "potential for extraordinary harm and a serious chill
    upon protected speech."
  9. It's hilarious that the US Justice Department is taking Google to court (O'Reilly) with a subpoena for "1 million random Web addresses." Why don't they just ask the US Chamber of Commerce for those addresses? Or, hey, O'Reilly has a book that can help


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