Roberts once wrote:
the personal beliefs of judicial candidates do not matter because "their ideology should have no role in the decisional process," (News Hounds)

Questions for Roberts
  1. Sen. Charles Schumer 20 , (Right Voices comment)
  2. Dallas Morning News 5
  3. People for the American Way 20, (from DailyKos)
  4. Reason 7

Discussion of reasonable questions:
  1. WeMatter.com Which topics are appropriate: Criminality, Qualifications, Judical Style, Idology, Positions, Personality?
  2. Washington Post
  3. John Roberts's Judicial Temperament (Brad DeLong)
  4. Propriety of Asking Judge Roberts to Comment on Specific Past Supreme Court Rulings , Part 1 Part 2 (FindLaw's Writ, Vikram David Amar)
  5. Originalism and Unenumerated Rights by Armando (DalyKos)
  6. Reasons To Go On Living -- Does anyone believe in a "living Constitution" anymore? (Slate)
  7. The Politics of the SCOTUS Confirmation -- the public now thinks the Senate should consider a Supreme Court nominee's positions on issues in addition to his or her legal background (Daily Kos)
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