I am updating the subject of this as Iraq is our country:

1) Iraq is starting to want us out!

    As of July, 4, 2005, over 37% (103/275) of the The Iraqi National Assembly has proposed the adoption of a resolution:

      1) cancelling the request made by the Government to the UN Security Council to extend the presence of multinational forces, and

      2) urging the Government to put “a clear plan for army building and a timetable for the withdrawal of occupation troops” from Iraq. Informed Comment and Wikipedia

    Note: 2 weeks before that, June 22, the number was 83

2) Iraq is "cooperating" with Iran

    BAGHDAD - Iraq signed a military pact with Iran ... agreeing to accept Iranian military training and other cooperation ... Responding to the suggestion that the thaw in ties with Iran would anger Washington, Dulaimi said: "Nobody can dictate to Iraq its relations with other countrie -- (Reuters)

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