Now that we are starting a new cycle of the government there are starting to be proposals for new platforms (for the two main parties) The following are initial pointers to these:
  • Platform for a Party of the Left A forum for discussion of civic life, Belisarius

      • We can employ everyone;
      • We can feed everyone;
      • We can provide medical care for everyone;
      • We can educate everyone;
      • We can reward excellence.

      Also see: Doing the doable: King of Zembla, Full Employment, Fair Care: The Sideshow

      Note: I believe that the Full Employment, Fair Care approach, though reasonably interesting as a democratic objective, is more idealistic than the Equality and Educational excellence set of objectives.

  • Winning the Future Newt Gingrich lays out the plan for America’s greatness, Amazon

      • including how to win the war on terror,
      • reestablish God in American public life,
      • reform Social Security,
      • restore patriotism, and
      • make American health care the global standard for excellence and accessibility.

      Take the following test. -- Where do you stand on the great and growing gap between traditional American values and the secular liberalism of the Left?

      An area on his WEB site that discusses the various sections, contains details, etc.

      A mailing list subscription for those who want to keep informed.

    Original Contract with America"

    • 1) require all laws that apply to the rest of the country also apply equally to the Congress;

    • 2) select a major, independent auditing firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of Congress for waste, fraud or abuse;

    • 3) cut the number of House committees, and cut committee staff by one-third;

    • 4) limit the terms of all committee chairs;

    • 5) ban the casting of proxy votes in committee;

    • 6) require committee meetings to be open to the public;

    • 7) require a three-fifths majority vote to pass a tax increase;

    • 8) guarantee an honest accounting of our Federal Budget by implementing zero base-line budgeting.