1) Marriage only for permanent child bearing couples

. Since there is a movement to describe marriage as "a lifelong union between a husband and a wife." in order to protect the children, lets update the Defense for Marriage Ammendment to ensure that only couples that can or already have children and are willing to NEVER devorce can get married.

2) Tax rates adjusted to state benefits

. Since some states, generally the "red" ones get more Federal Benefits than others, see Graph of the time history, let us change the IRS code so that the tax rates are adjusted so that state citizens are taxed according to their benefits. After all it is their money and this might decrease "pork" as each state representative would know that if they voted for more pork their citizens would pay a higher tax.

Links to maps.

. . Red/Purple/Blue county map

. . Cartograms (Populaton maps) of 2004 US presidential election


Blogger Mike Liveright said...

Note: the following Secession is a Hollywood Fantasy is a cato article that disagrees with the Red states get more money than the Blue states.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Mike Liveright said...

Note: the Wall Street journal commented on this, and I Emailed them the preceeding differentual state tax suggestion.

9:09 AM  
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