John C. Dvorak -- After witnessing the latest Presidential election process, it's apparent to me that the Internet is turning into a bad dream. (e.g. Open Source Democrary is a mistake)


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Politics and the InternetThe Berkman Center is hosting Internet & Society 2004: Votes, Bits & Bytes, a conference, December 10, 2004 at Harvard Law School to consider, from a skeptical viewpoint, the impact of the Internet on politics.

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Dear Blogger,

Sorry if this seems like spam, but it can't be because I didn't write a program and am putting each address in by hand (or cut& paste from the Bloggercon list).

Well, two Oaktown bloggers decided to have a nightout before the Fright Night (Hallowen or the Election, take your pick)). See links:


I encourage you to come on by. If you're unable, think about giving us a plug.

With the best intentions,


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